Dome Top Sleeves

Dome Top Sleeves

Introducing the NEW Dome Top Bollard Sleeve.

  • Curved dome top design
  • Yellow, red, blue, and brown color options
  • 4.5" or 7" diameters
  • HDPE anti-fade plastic
  • In stock and ready to ship

Classic Flat Top Vs. New Dome Top

Two great styles for all of your bollard cover needs!

  • Flat has recessed lines for reflective tape
  • Dome is smooth throughout

Bollard Sleeve Sizing

Diameter Height
4.5" 52"
4.5" 60"
4.5" 64"
7" 60"
7" 72"
Bollard or Post Diameter Sleeve Size
4.5" or less 4.5" Sleeve
Greater than 4.5" less than 7" 7" Sleeve

Optional Installation Method

An adhesive-free method is available for securing sleeves to bollards. Our foam strip kit is very easy to use and no special tools are required for creating a snug fit.

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