Bendable Bollards

X-Last® by Sabacaucho is a flexible bollard option with no moving parts:

  • Resists low MPH impacts
  • Tough & durable material that flexes on impact
  • Retains shape memory - returns to height & shape after impact
  • Attractive design - same color on inside & outside
  • Elastomeric polymer material

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Classic Bendable Bollard
High visibility with two reflective stripes Color: Black Mounting type: bolt down or cor..
Landmark Bendable Bollard
Decorative design Color: Black Mounting type: bolt down or core drilled Convert core d..
Traditional Bendable Bollard
Reflective stripe Color: Gray Available mounting type: bolt down or core drilled ..
Removable Bollard Base - Outer Cover D100 TX
Converts a core drilled bollard into a removable bollard  Color: Black Measures  8...