Bendable Bollards

X-Last® by Sabacaucho is a flexible bollard option with no moving parts. The revolutionary material flexes on impact and returns to height and shape after. Scratches are no problem with the same color material on the inside and outside. These attractive designs the bollards are perfect for properties and municipalities. 


  • Tough & durable  
  • Elastomeric polymer material 
  • Core drilled or removable installation
  • With or without reflective tape

Three Attractive Designs

  • Classic
  • Landmark
  • Traditional

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Classic Bendable Bollard
High visibility with two reflective stripes Color: Black Mounting type: bolt down or cor..
Landmark Bendable Bollard
Decorative design Color: Black Mounting type: bolt down or core drilled Convert core d..
Traditional Bendable Bollard
Reflective stripe Color: Gray Available mounting type: bolt down or core drilled ..
Removable Bollard Base - Outer Cover D100 TX
Converts a core drilled bollard into a removable bollard  Color: Black Measures  8...